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Name that Prius!

Lovely review dinner tonight. Not so much for the place or the food, but for the company. Got a ride down to the wilds of Burnsville (nearly Savage!) with the lovely and talented alisgrey to meet up with the usual suspects (plus bonus Jew!) in her fancy new Prius. The on-board navigation system talks to you in this lovely, calm woman's voice. Alis had a problem, though, in that her fancy new car lacked a name. The peculiarities of naming a car in Alis' tribe involve including the letters of your license plate so that the name reminds you of them. Not so hard with some combinations of three letters, but those of the Prius are "ukh."

So in an effort to be helpful I present for your amusement, dear reader, and the possible selection by Alis, these names from the Sikhism Home Page, and their meanings (I've emphasized those I particularly like):

Sukhindir--God of peace
Sukhsharan--Peace in taking shelter in Guru
Sukhshant--The one who is in bliss and peace
Sukhcharan--Peace attained through Guru's Lotus Feet
Sukhchain--The one who is peaceful and calm
Sukhjeet--Remaining in peace
Sukhjeev--A peaceful person
Sukhjot--Light of Peace
Sukhjodh--Warrior of peace
Sukhdeep--The lamp of peace and bliss
Sukhdev--God of peace
Sukhnam--Bliss from Naam
Sukhpreet--One who values inner peace and joy
Sukhbir--Warrior of peace
Sukhmeet--The peace-giving friend
Sukhraj--King of Peace
Sukhram--the one in whom peace prevades
Sukhroop--Embodiment of peace
Sukhleen--Absorbed in joy of God's love
Sukhveer--Warrior of peace
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