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I have decided on how I want to address my current lack of vehicular motivation: Zipcar.

I live near the University and I work downtown. I don't need a car every day. Most of my car-needing trips are for short jaunts to the homes of friends or for an afternoon of errands.

Getting to any of the campus parking spots will be an easy bus from work or home. Any time I reserve a car, I get 125 miles for free and pay $8/hour. The miles are what swung me from the similar HOURCAR service. That and, while Zipcar has an annual membership fee, HOURCAR charges theirs monthly. A few months of that would add up to the annual fee for Zipcar. So this way, I get to try out the service for one low price and pay only for as much car as I use. If I end up using a car enough to justify the monthly expense to HOURCAR, I can switch without any additional costs.

So I filed my application and we'll see if they approve it. I have some trepidation on that count as there was that thing a while back with me getting my license revoked for stupidly forgetting to pay a traffic ticket. We'll see, I guess. It also remains to be seen if the service will be convenient enough for me to actually use it.

Edited to add: I've been approved! That was quick! If I hadn't elected to have my passcard mailed to me, I could go pick it up and get a car tomorrow! As it is, I'll likely end up getting it in the mail Monday or Tuesday.
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