Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Got my vote in!

For the first time today, I had to wait for a train in order to get to my polling place. The six-block walk goes over some tracks and a freight train rumbled by just as I approached the crossing. A small price to pay for the chance to exercise my liberty.

One nice thing this year: The HR rep at my work sent out email detailing how to report the time you take voting on your time card. While I've always been legally able to take paid time from work in order to vote, this is the first time it's been adequately facilitated by my employer. As a County employee, I get up to two hours of time off work to vote and can also get time off to be an election judge. (If I'm an election judge, I have to reimburse the county for the time I'm paid to be one, so I can't make extra money as an election judge, but at least I don't lose any.)

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