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In other news....

I'm torn today. Part of me wants to write about political things because our voting day is tomorrow. Part of me is so fed up with the way things are and the way things are done that I want to just hide in the basement and see how things turn out Wednesday. (I won't. I actually have fun voting.)

In that spirit, however, I give you something that I think a majority of us can agree on; the special sandwich this week at Kieran's: Hot pastrami with Irish cheddar, bacon, caramalized onions and marinated, roasted red peppers on a hoagie bun. The slightly vinegary marinade on the peppers mixes with their sweetness and that of the onions to make a nice counter-point to the savory pastrami. Plus: bacon!

I think even vegetarians and vegans in the populace would agree that this sounds like a fabulous sandwich for those that would order and consume such things. It may not be for them, but as free-thinking people they can see where meat-eaters would enjoy it.
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