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Party photos, cheap at twice the price!

During the wonderful party at the home of the fabulous laurajean and davidschroth last night, the house guest we have had for the last week or so, Ctein, took several photos. Some of those were taken with the teeny, tiny digital camera that he acquired at a Walgreen's for $10. I've uploaded those that he thought turned out decently to a gallery here on LJ. I think they are remarkable given the device used to capture them and that, in particular, the thumbnails generated by the LJ gallery program work very well. It seems some of the noise in the full-sized photos is eliminated or reduced along with the size of the photos.

Great fun was had at the party; it was one of those things that ends far too soon. There are some who will wish that it had ended long before it actually did, but they deserve what they got by virtue of having the poor taste to not be there. Let this be a warning to the rest of you!
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