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Interesting dream

Had a dream within a dream last night. The first part of my dream was my fairly ordinary day; work, puttering around the house and the like. I transitioned into another dream that had me going to a bus station. Along the way, I started following an attractive young woman. She was carrying a golf bag, wearing a tweed skirt, had long, wavy red hair and spoke with an Irish accent. It became quickly apparent that we were, in fact, in Ireland and she was talking to various passers-by to find out which bus she should take to get to her destination with the apparent goal of getting in a round of golf. She seemed, however, to be something of a punk and her language struck me as working class. After a bit, as she settled on which bus she was taking, I approached her and asked if she minded if I followed her for a bit and "eyed up her zips." No idea where that phrase came from but the implication, which she understood, was that I'd be admiring her legs and rear. She admitted to finding this a flattering idea and we struck upon a conversation as I woke up into the first dream. I remembered the inner dream enough to discuss it with characters in the outer dream.

And now I complete the process by bringing both into the waking world. If that's what this really is....
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