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Convivial SF0 microprogramming - Peter Hentges

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October 20th, 2006

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11:01 am - Convivial SF0 microprogramming
The lovely and talented alisgray invited me to join the SF0 game and I've enjoyed the little bit I've done with it so far. I'm looking forward to more interesting, entertaining, brain-bending fun. To that end, I'm going to sign up for some SF0 tasks and try to accomplish them during Convivial this weekend.

I'll probably end up doing the "Invite and SF0 participant" task, but that isn't my main goal. The goal is to have some fun and engage the con members in some of the fun.

There's always the possibility for "Kiss and make it real" if another player is at the con.

I think I'll try the "No Questions Asked" task. That should make conversations fun.

I think I'll be doing the "Spread SF0" task by doing some of these things.

I may also attempt the "Physical Wiki" task, if I can figure out a way of doing so.
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