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Post-midnight follies

It's not polite to laugh at people when they are in pain. But still....

While I've been nursing my sore back, erickavan has also been dealing with an injury. She pulled an intercostal muscle and/or cracked a rib getting into bed the other day and has been in pain much worse than mine ever since. Each time she gets up or lays down it puts extra strain on the sore parts, causing her to cry out.

At first, her exclamations were of the standard variety one might expect from someone of her socio-economic background; the f-inheimer was employed, various dieties were invoked, members of the animal kingdom described. She is an intelligent and creative bear, though, and soon these garden-variety pejoratives were not sufficient for expressing her discomfort. Various dieties were given additional names, "Jesus H. Christ!" for example, or were described as engaging in unusual acts, "Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!" Sometimes, the animals were described in unnatural acts that would likely get the perpatrator arrested. (It is important to note that no actual animals were harmed in these outbursts, though the cats do appear scandalized.) "F--- a moose with a duck!" summed up one such outburst.

It seems, though, that even these were not satisfactory in expressing her displeasure and pain. So now she has turned to giving new names to her pain. The exclamation that prompted me to write: "George Bush!"

(In other news, the yoga I'm using to help my back appears to be working. My back now hurts in new and interesting places.)

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