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Movie review

I did something to my back on Thursday night. I've been missing work and been pretty much laid up since. It's frustrating because it feels fine if I'm laying down or if I'm standing. Sitting, which is how I spend my day at work, is uncomfortable, growing more so the longer I do it.

So I've spent the intervening time laying on the couch, watching a lot of movies. (Thank God for Turner Classic Movies, TiVo, and HBO.)

Just finished one that has prompted me to write for a couple of reasons. The film is Red Eye, directed by Wes Craven, screenplay by Carl Ellsworth.

One thing that was remarkable about this movie to me is that Craven pulled it off. The overall plot is pretty ludicrous, but Craven manages to make a tense thriller out of it. The heroine's actions are reasonable and intelligent and the thwarting of them by the villain follows along in good fashion.

One thing I really liked about the screenplay is that the climax is set up very nicely. All the pieces are laid out for you and they come together at just the right time.

The thing I really appreciate, however, is this film's trailer. When it was released, I saw the trailer, Wes Craven's name attached to it and made one set of assumptions about what this movie would be about. I think I would have liked to have seen that movie. The trailer did a good job of interesting me in the movie without revealing what the movie was about. The plot of this movie doesn't follow at all the direction I thought it would from the trailer.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the movie is good. I think it is a credit to the talents of the director, actors and screenwriter, but the key point of the plot has a big, stinking red flag and hole. Like if someone dipped China's flag in vinegar and wrapped it around the Grand Canyon. So just put your smart hat on the side table and enjoy the ride.
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