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My friend robin_d_laws explains in detail his difficulties in reacting to the Congressional page scandal. I share many of his misgivings. I'm clear in deploring the Congressman enticing a minor over whom he has at least some degree of authority. There can be, in my estimation, nothing consensual about any such relationship. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong about gay teens having sex any more than there is with straight teens doing so. (Play safe!) While the Congressman's actions are disgraceful, they also aren't as disgusting as they would be if the young person in question had been 10 instead of 16. Which is to say that Michael Jackson disturbs me far more than Tom Foley.


So it seems we've goaded North Korea into flexing its nuclear muscle. They announced they plan to test a weapon. No one has tested a nuke since 1998. No one other than India and Pakistan have tested a weapon since 1996. Now North Korea feels they have to demonstrate that invading them prior to the 2008 presidential election would be a spectacularly bad move. I can't help but run through scenarios in my head: NK nukes a build-up of US and SK troops. US nukes a NK city. NK nukes Japan. US nukes NK. China nukes US. US nukes everyone because, fuck it, why go halfway?
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