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Monday commute

I think I'm doing quite well with this biking in thing. This evening's ride was significantly easier in many spots and the uphills were not as bad as they'd been otherwise. Don't know if I'm getting better at managing gearing for the route or if dormant muscles are waking up or what. I'm happy, though, that I got to work in plenty of time, took a couple of minutes for a cool-down lap and was basically settled in and de-sweated in half an hour (the AC at work helps that).

Got the last of my biking stuff from REI via UPS today. Now have a spiffy, packable rain slicker and a packable towel to go with my rain pants. These items should also come in handy in Winnipeg this weekend. They are light, pack small, and fit over light layers. Combined with one of my Seattle Sombreros, they'll make perfect coping for sudden rainshowers I've been warned of.

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