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Going up to the Winnipeg Folk Festival this weekend. Will tell them at work tonight that I'll be "sick" on Thursday and Friday. Plan on driving up on Thursday "morning" when I get up...probably start out about noon, given that I'll be pretty pumped for the trip.

Was hoping to have a native guide with me but those folks found other travel arrangements. I've received good directions (given that they're pretty simple) and lived in the north woods of Minnesota for several years so am pretty comfortable with the prospects.

Will be thinking about food today. I'm leaning towards plenty of pasta supplemented with some fruit and nuts (Good Old Raisans and Peanuts). I'm told there is also good food on site for the purchasing and so will probably splurge for a meal or two.

Also have to gather up the camping gear. Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (which will double as place to sit at shows, if needed). Plan out clothes; layers for variables. Cooking gear. Light. Bug stuff. Weather stuff. Drum. Harmonica.

I'm comforted that I'll be amongst many friends so that if there is an emergency or I've forgotten something critical, chances are someone nearby will have an extra or a way of getting something that will work.

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