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Quiet night

It's quiet here tonight. Ericka is off at a sleep study at HCMC to check up on her sleep apnea and how well her bi-pap is doing. The initial report is that the pulmonologist thinks the two values of pressure in the bi-pap are not far enough apart for her. They also think she may be having trouble ridding her system of CO2, resulting in some aphasia and other complications. This is consistent with what I know about her COPD, so it makes sense to me.

Ericka being gone, however, means that there is no whooshing of the bi-pap, no thrumming of the oxygen concentrator, no hum of a fan to cool her off. It's weird.

She should be home tomorrow some time, though they may keep her for additional tests if things aren't conclusive.

Young Fashioned Ways--Muddy Waters--The Anthology: 1947-1972
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