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Terrorism as piracy

An interesting article discussing the legal similarities between piracy and terrorism.

This intrigues me for two reasons. First, because, as the the author points out, it gives us a clearer idea of what we are doing with a "War on Terror." It provides a method for defining the crime of terrorism in a way that can garner international support. That would give us more allies in this fight and a way to better deal with countries might not aid us because they agree with the aims of the terrorists. By agreeing that terrorism itself is a threat to all nations, we have a diplomatic lever to use with friends and foes alike.

Secondly, it provides an interesting near-future fiction or role-playing scenario. If terrorists are criminals that can be pursued across jurisdictions by anyone that encounters them, a nation plagued by terrorists could simply set out rewards for the capture of the terrorists. Independent operators, then, could pursue and capture the terrorists. Sort of modern-day letters of mark.

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