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Not understanding

So I'm reading the stories and reaction to them regarding the "mutiny" of passengers on a flight from Malaga to Manchester because two men who looked to them to be Arab were on the flight.

I admit I have my racist biases. When a group of rowdy black males gets on a bus I'm on, I get a little nervous in a way that I would not if the group were white males. If I'm in a neighborhood where I'm the only white person I see, I act a little more polite and try to be a little more inconspicuous. I feel threatened and uncomfortable.

I just can't see myself, however, refusing to fly because someone of a different race was also on the plane. I might notice the person, might even think to myself, "that guy looks like a terrorist." But making the leap to "I must get off this plane?" I can't imagine it. I imagine I'd look at anyone suggesting such as if they were a little less in touch with reality than the average person.

And I'm sorry, what century are we living in again?
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