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Dream remembrances

I awoke this morning because I couldn't turn off the alarm in my dream.

What I remember of the dream started with getting on a bus to go home. It wasn't my usual bus but I thought I'd give the route a try. It stopped on the U of MN's west bank campus and I got off, looking through the schedule I picked up. Or trying to, rather, as it was soaked as if it had been dipped in the river and I had difficulty unfolding it.

That was OK, because my regular bus would be coming along any time now and, besides, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were nearby practicing something. So I sat and watched a while, chatting now and again with galacticvoyeur who had showed up with his drum.

At some point, I had an interview with Jagger and asked him about the break-up of the Stones, having heard about the falling out he and Richards had during their last tour. He discounted that and I asked if he was working on the film project that Richards had going. He denied doing that but then went back to practicing with Richards.

I laughed to myself as it became obvious that even if Jagger wasn't in Keith's film or working on it, he was working next to it.

At this point, the kitchen timer I had on my belt went off. I was able to turn it off finally, but the identical one on galacticvoyeur's belt kept beeping.

Shortly after, I realized the beeping wasn't from the dream world and I started my preparations for the day.
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