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When "woof" is more than exclamation - Peter Hentges

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August 17th, 2006

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07:29 pm - When "woof" is more than exclamation
This has been a tiring week. I think I've had a cold for most of it. When you have a cold, what are you supposed to do? Push fluids and get plenty of rest, right? Right.

Unfortunately, this seemingly mild cold coincided with a flare-up of my dog Brandy's arthritis. So she's been up every hour or two every night, whining in discomfort or barking to get help to get up and shift to a different spot to lie down in a vain attempt to get comfortable.

So I've missed four days of work and was sufficiently out of it that I didn't let them know I was out. My foggy reasoning, if it could be called that, included the fact that everyone that I would call to tell them I wasn't in was out of town for a conference. Bad form, though, and something I should have known better about.

Took Brandy to the vet today to see if anything could be done to make her more comfortable. She's old enough that Ericka and I have talked about whether we should put her down. Brandy still shows interest in her life and takes joy in simple things like getting a walk from the older gentleman at the end of the block every day. The vet suggested putting her on steroids a while back and we'd been giving her about 10 mg per day. Turns out this is very low for a dog her size. So we upped her dose to 30 mg today and we'll see if that helps.

And with any luck, I'll get enough sleep to kick this cold.

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues--Bob Dylan--Highway 61 Revisited

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Date:August 18th, 2006 01:01 am (UTC)
poor baby, I hope the steriods help and you get some sleep. You know they really ought to have long term pets as family members for Vet benefits and compassionate leave. sigh.
"kay back to packing for me...
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Date:August 18th, 2006 01:13 am (UTC)
We'll see how things go in about six hours, which has been about when she's been getting me up at the latest. Yeah, work places think nothing of skipping work for a sick kid but balk at doing so for a sick dog or cat. One will struggle on as best one can.

Best of luck with the packing. I found when I was moving office spaces every six months or so that I pared down each move, but it seems you keep steady. I suppose needing to cart about one's life as opposed to "just" one's work makes it harder.
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Date:August 18th, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC)
I hope things are better with both you and Brandy.

I have to say, though, that your employer must be wonderful to work for. If I didn't contact my manager, HR or someone with my employer, no matter what the occasion, short of being in a coma myself, I would lose my job after 2 days no call/no show.

Just be careful--both of you!

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