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Dream job

Just woke from a great dream. It was a strange mix of my current job, a newspaper and a pilot for a TV show about a newspaper.

In the pilot, I'm a relatively new employee at the newspaper. I arrive at work to find the power out. This, of course, has everyone in a tizzy but the power comes on just before the first commercial break. As we come back from commercial (which weren't included in my dream's feed), I'm doing what I can to get to work. This apparently involves faxing a copy of a document showing that I've paid off a mortgage to my friend revjohn. I spend quite a bit of time looking up his fax number in the phone book. I think, based on some remembered glimpses of the dream before I arrived at work, that I'm working on a story about unscrupulous lenders.

I am quickly sucked into a project on disaster recovery in the office, however. On the team that forms, I recognize several people from my current real-life job, including one woman who recently left MHP to spend more time with her kids.

For some reason, our power outage ends up having something to do with the Navy. I am tasked with getting information about our problem to the Navy. This probably came about because my father was in the Navy for 20 years (another real-life fact sneaking into the dream).

After we wrap up that team meeting, the cast is all sitting in a school-cafeteria-looking room exchanging witty banter. I head toward the front door just as two characters come in. One is a reporter from a British newspaper who is mild-mannered but has a biting wit. The other is a Hunter Thompson-esque character who bursts in loudly and demands to see the person to whom he'll be reporting. Once he gets the low-down on the power outage from a passing person, he calms down a bit and lets the Brit, whom he has mistaken for the person in charge (said person being, in fact, a woman), know that he'll be upstairs claiming a desk for his own.

As Hunter boards the elevator with a flunky, the Brit, appearing amused by the fellow, is immediately orbited by David Hewlett playing someone that admires his work. Think Frank Burns sucking up to a general in M*A*S*H.

I follow them into the cafeteria as the Brit makes a remark about how he's not offended by the Hunter character, at least not any more than he is offended by someone else on the staff. This introduces us to the rivalry between the latter two characters.

As I faded out from the dream I remember thinking, "There are way too many characters with accents on this show."
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