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Once or twice...

Beastly weather for about the last month. Hot, humid. Then yesterday the weather broke like a fever, violent and wet.

Today, you really couldn't ask for better. Sunny. A little breeze. Temps in the upper 70s. Humidity at 56% and hardly noticable.

As fredcritter sings, it's just so damn nice it seems like heavan to me.

Text messages to 90_percent_sure and pegkerr with queries about lunch on the patio at Kieran's, one of the downtown Irish pubs, produced no meaningful results and so I amused myself at lunch with watching the patrons and wildlife.

In particular, a chickadee looked like it was surveying its kingdom as it sat on a sign near the patio looking for the inevitable dropped crumb.

Walking back to the office, a woman taking her child to the afternoon Twins game remarked to the woman in front of her, "wouldn't today be a great day for an outdoor game?"

Yes. Yes it would.
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