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Commute in, day 3

A nice ride in this evening. It cooled off nicely into the evening. The only bummer was that the nice breeze was in my face the whole way. I ended up getting in quite slowly, taking about 25 minutes for the 5-mile ride. Even down-shifted the front sprocket for a good chunk of the way.

Some folks were shooting off fireworks in the parking lot outside Midway Stadium. I'm guessing, by the number of cars, that the Saints had a game today. The fireworks were the kind that shoot a glowing bit high in the air that then bursts into sparkly bits. The sharp snap of the bursting echoed off the railroad cars on the opposite side of the road to sound like the ricochet of alien gunfire; oddly metallic and musical.

Another slow night at work tonight. If they offer to send me home early, I'll probably take them up on it so that I can get in some sleep in preparation for CONvergence tomorrow. Ericka has a little party after her morning pool session and will likely sleep for a while after that. I'm thinking that either right around dinner time or right after, I can spirit her away for a brief jaunt to the con. She'll like seeing folks and I'll win brownie points. Maybe I'll even get to eat my half of the pie.

(A while back Ericka got a key lime pie from the Schwan's folks. A few pieces had been eaten and I ate the rest of it in one sitting while she was off galavanting someplace. When she broke out another pie today I remarked that I looked forward to eating my half. She said, "You don't get half!" to which I replied, "Well, there's two of us so I should get half." She said something about sharing with visitors to which I remarked that she was free to do such things with her half of the pie if she wished. I had great smiles and giggles over the exchange.)

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