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More dreams - Peter Hentges

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July 25th, 2006

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07:43 am - More dreams
I had another vivid dream last night but I remember less of this one. My dog awoke me before my alarm again; she's having difficulty with getting up from lying down of late and whines and barks when she wants/needs to get somewhere and cannot.

This dream was full of bright, primary colors and fast action. It was quite reminiscent of the video game I was playing last night, Kameo, Elements of Power. It's a title I was interested in when I first got my Xbox 360 system but haven't got around to trying out. I rented it over the weekend to try it out before buying.

The dream is just some fleeting emotions now, the details lost to the waking world. There was a sense of urgency about it, a need to get somewhere. The obstacles I faced were terrifying, but I also felt confident that I could overcome them. I wish I had been more coherent earlier and had written this entry then.

Sleep is important too, however, so I'll have to be satisfied with getting in enough of that today.
Current Mood: awakeawake

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