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Dreamy morning

My dog woke me from a dream about five minutes before my alarm was set to go off this morning. I'm trying to remember the details, but they are fading quickly. Like so many dreams, the plot is all jumbled and confusing so all that remains are images and feelings. There was a hotel at which was some sort of gathering of friends that seemed more like a dormitory than a convention. I had a room to myself but it had an extra bed. There was a concert featuring a group that seemed very like Great Big Sea except it was made up of three women, two men and a guest male fiddler. I attended the concert with some people from the hotel/gathering and it also featured some Cirque-like clowns doing amusing things with the audience. One of them involved the clowns dancing and cavorting upon some wooden slats above my head. When I sat up from lying down to see more of what they were doing, the slats were arranged in an incline so that I could now see the clowns had been performing just a few inches above my head. At some point, a young woman gave me a ring inscribed with her initial, an S. As I left the concert, I expected to see her but she seemed to have left earlier. An older male relative of hers offered me a ride, but I was close enough to walk "home," and did so. I kept trying to put the ring on my various fingers, looking for a fit that would allow me to wear it without worrying about losing it. It was too small for anything but my pinky fingers but when I tried to put it on the right one, it was too tight and it was too loose upon my left. So I ended up just holding it.

On my walk, I came to a bus-stop/train station. I wondered, upon approaching, if I'd be able to catch the #3 home. I crossed a street, passing a bar/night club on the corner that had four floors, all of which were underground. I had to make some kind of delivery to someone on the bottom floor, but to do that I had to pay the $3 cover to get into the club, which was having a sort of harvest celebration/Halloween party. I got on to a bus at the bus-stop, entering at the rear somehow, just as a train was pulling in and it pulled right in to the bus so that I had to squeeze to one side of the aisle to let it pass. By the time it reached the front of the bus, we'd reached the train stop and I was on the train as the driver explained the schedule for connecting bus routes. We all disembarked the train, which seemed to have swallowed the bus, and had to cross in front of it and go down some stairs to get to the station.

At some point, I was looking for a bathroom and found a cavernous one at some building connected to the hotel in some way. The bathroom was separated into two sections. In the rear one, some people were preparing the lunch that was going to be served that day. They stirred an enormous pile of spaghetti with shovels to mix it with a red sauce and periodically shoveled some into bowls, skimmed off the extra and wrapped the bowl in plastic wrap, ready to be re-heated for lunch. I left and explained to someone entering that, while the front section's stalls were full, there were facilities in the back as long as you ignored the lunch makers.

Resuming my walk "home," I sang songs from the concert to myself. I also sang other songs I know and when I ran off as much as I could remember of The Mary Ellen Carter, I got all choked up at the "... smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go ..." part.

And then the dog barked and I woke up.
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