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Winnipeg prep

Got the Saturn in and got the driver's mirror replaced.

(I've decided the other work that needs doing on the car is purely cosmetic and can wait for a bit. I'm also kind of itching for a new transportation option since I do so little driving any more. So I'm looking at motorcycles and scooters because that's fun. I'm also enamored of the new crop of roadsters that are coming out.)

Need to break out the tent, set it up and check it for any needed repairs. I think it's been three years since I used it last.

Likewise need to check out the sleeping pad. (Which also doubles as seat for concerts.)

Find sleeping bag, though the forecasts are looking pretty warm. It can still get pretty chilly on the prairie.

Plan clothes and pack.

Plan food and pack.

Plan money and acquire cash and/or traveler's checks. (I'll also rely on ATMs in Canada for some cash but want to have some monies available for the duty free on the way up.)

Need an REI trip for ... well, mostly to get me in the mood. But something might come up in packing that needs replacing or augmenting.
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