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Long nights and space musings

Three hours into the eight hour shift and not a drop of work in sight. Even the London office is quiet. It's going to be a long night. Just have to keep thinking: double time, double time....

Been poking 'round the net, trying to keep myself amused. Found an interesting book on de-cluttering and Feng Shui that I ordered from Amazon. (Lumped on a few other things from my wish list to bring it up to $50 to qualify for free shipping. Cursed by effective marketing.)

I'm growing dissatisfied with the amount of stuff around me in my house. Part of the frustration is that much of it isn't mine and what is mine I probably wouldn't keep around if I noticed through the clutter. I'm thinking of claiming some space (maybe the guest bedroom in the basement, or maybe the main room down there) and making it wholly my own. That is, taking out everything that I do not specifically want there and work on keeping it that way.

Part of me wants to make this space on the main floor so that Ericka will see how nice such a space is and will want more of such a thing. She has issues with stuff, however, and isn't in the same place for dealing with it that I am.

Part of me scoffs at being able to create such a space. I'm lazy by nature and allow things to accumulate easily. I also tend to create chaos as I do creative work. Reference materials stack up at random, notes and writing materials get scattered about. For this reason, I don't push Ericka too hard on clearing things out (pot, kettle, black). (Should have seen us clearing out our front closet two years ago! You wouldn't think sending a coat that neither of us wear or fit to Goodwill would be traumatic.)

One thought that has occurred to me is to claim the outside of our house as this space that I want. Get heavily into taking care of the yard and improving landscaping features to meet my aesthetics. Ericka can't do much outside in the summer when it's hot and humid and can't physically get to much of the yard so there would be a good chance of keeping things the way I want them. On the downside, is that laziness thing. I was forced to do yard labor as a child so I have aversions to it now.

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