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Best-laid plans...

I've had a lovely day. Lunch with dreamsewing followed by a wander through the new Guthrie. I like the building. I'm sorry we couldn't see the stages, but interrupting rehearsals with streams of curious on-lookers just wouldn't do. Best bit: behind the gate to the gift shop were the snow-globes featuring the new building. Its "bridge to nowhere" sticks out of the globe.

The Twins won! Joe Mauer had four hits and five RBIs! (Good thing. The guy was batting under .370. It was embarrasing.) Our starting pitcher went 8 innings and only gave up two runs!

I am up at this ungodly hour because Ericka had her blood sugar drop unexpectedly. She has taken pie (for medicinal purposes only) and is doing better.

Our lovely Brandy dog is doing better. She was able to stand up from a prone position while I was home today, so I've witnessed that it is possible. The tough part seems to be getting her legs into the right position by herself. Her hips don't rotate under her the way the used to if she was getting up from lying on her side.

Winnipeg is, like, next week! I need to get to REI to pick up some supplies! I should find my tent, eh?

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