Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Party and work

Dropped by a bar on the way to work to celebrate Laurel's birthday. Had my requisite two pints while the band got into their first set. I usually get to hear a full first set but I got there late and there was a wedding rehearsal dinner that kept them off the stage until 10:00.

Now I'm at work. Making the double-time due to the national holiday. It is, as one might suspect, dead. No work on the schedule except one job that might be coming in from London later. I plan to stay the full eight hours as I'm being forced to work and plan on being "sick" for next week to make it to Winnipeg.

So it's a night of tunes from the iPod (charging now) and net.surfing for me. Likely and update or three to roll through here as things cross my mind.

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