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In my most-remembered dream of last night, I was on a trip for work. I was staying in a hotel that was configured like the geodesic dome home I lived in for several years during high school. Right down to having my old room. Of course, where I lived didn't have the strange features in the basement. Odd pipes running all over and a very devilish boiler/furnace thing.

There was something going on with work that apparently involved the construction of a parking ramp. When we went to visit the site the second day, graffiti adorned nearly every surface and many things around the construction site were broken. We quickly determined that our parking ramp had become the site of a turf war by three different asian gangs. Everyone was worried about the implications and the dangers of staying nearby.

I decided that I would not be staying. I would leave. I informed everyone of this and was met with unbelieving looks and informed that I would have to stay. I was quite distressed. Getting away was the obviously good idea. When I returned to the hotel that evening, I looked at my tickets. Seems I was going to be leaving the next day for the next leg of the trip anyway. So I was right. I was leaving before things got bad and wouldn't have to stay in this dangerous area.

Relieved, I fell asleep.

Standin' Around Cryin'--Muddy Waters--The Anthology: 1947-1972
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