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Dog worries

My dog, Brandy, is upwards of 13 years old. That alone is cause for worry. Dogs of her size don't often live that long. She's always had a little bit of a hitch in one of her back legs. We kind of figure that she may have been hit by a car before we got her from the Humane Society.

Of late, however, she's having much more difficulty with her back hips. She lays down with a colossal thud and in the last few days hasn't been able to get up without assistance. Seeing as her major activity these days is laying on the floor, the few times we have to help her up aren't a major problem.

We took her to the vet a couple of days ago. The one drug they thought would give her some relief was counter-indicated due to high liver enzyme (something she's had for years). She's on a glucosamine supplement and the vet thought that if she didn't improve in a couple of days that we'd want to put her on prednisone.

Well! We know prednisone at our house! Ericka takes it every day and we have some in stock. So we started her on the prednisone right away, rather than waiting for a few days. She is still having difficulty but seems to be resting easier. I'm hoping that whatever recent problem she has is alleviated by the prednisone long enough for her to get back to her "usual" self.
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