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An astonishing and refreshing response

I just read what appears to be part of a transcript of an interview on CNN. Soledad O'Brien interviewed Michael Berg. Berg's son was murdered, beheaded, by a person widely believed to be Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Al-Zarqawi was killed by U.S. action recently.

O'Brien presses Berg to admit some feeling of relief or joy in al-Zarqawi's death. He steadfastly refuses. He says he feels sorry for al-Zarqawi's family and believes that al-Zarqawi's death will lead to a wave of retaliatory violence.

This response is astonishing because Berg's son's murder was videotaped and published on the web. A brutal and public slaying. Forced to witness the murder of his own son, Berg retains the strength of will to stay peaceful through his sorrow.

It is also refreshing because it is far too rare for us to hear this fully rational idea: violence in pursuit of our goals will breed more violence in response.

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