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Wow, life is pretty good

I find that it's difficult to sit down and write an LJ entry when I don't really have a lot to complain about. The new job is going along nicely. In fact, I realized at the end of a meeting the other day that my bosses valued my opinion and appreciated the work I was doing.

Let me repeat that.

Well, OK, you can just go read it again.

After four years in an organization that failed to do those simple things, it's amazing how good it feels.

Other things going on in my life: I picked up plants at the Friends School plant sale on Friday. The rain and cold, combined with a lack of prepared area to plant them, prevented me from getting them in the ground. They seem to be doing well. My favorite part of the sale this year as the packaged garden packs they had. I was planning a rain garden anyway, so I was able to pick up 48 plants for mine for $56. I supplemented that with some individual choices and added in some additional plants for the existing prairies. All in all, I got out of there under $120 and feel pretty good about my purchases. Crop failures affected some of the things I'd planned on getting, but I should be able to fill in those things later in the year or even this fall.

I'm playing a lot of Xbox. Typical obsessing with a new toy. I need to update hygard_breton as well as he's been making all kinds of progress.

I've also been getting some face-to-face gaming in! I'm going out to my buddy Bob's place fairly regularly now and enjoying the camaraderie with those guys. Some nights we stay a little later and watch a movie or two, depending on the game we're playing. We finished a game about the Reformation last week. So this week, we watched Luther. We're starting a game about the North African campaigns of WWII, so there's a ton of good movies to watch with that.

Hooked up with a fairly small sub-set of friends of Friday evening for the bachelor's party of one. We ate and drank at The King and I in downtown Minneapolis. Very good food and an excellent bar. I was surprisingly un-hungover on Saturday.

Ericka has updated things from her end over on erickavan. I think I can't really grasp the level of her frustration some times. Her ability to keep fighting, though, is what keeps her with us, even if it also causes that frustration. So I be as patient with her frustrations as I can. The good thing is that the recent PT she's been doing has produced noticeable results. She walks farther without getting out of breath. Getting in and out of bed is easier for her. (And given the recent bed difficulties, that's a very good thing.) She's switching insurance administrators June 1 and that's looking like it will be a good thing.

So here's hoping that things in your life are at least as decent as mine are. Once I have sites prepared, I'll post an invitation for garden therapy (planting) for those that might like that.

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