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Out to the Liffey

Went out to see Tramps & Hawkers at The Liffey in downtown St. Paul last night. Let me remark again how wonderful it is to go out and see live music in a smoke-free environment.

I arrived early, secured a high-top table down front and ordered dinner. I ordered the curried chicken, being in that sort of a mood. After a few minutes, a nice server brought me fish and chips. I looked confused and we sorted out that there was a mistake, so she took it back. My waiter stopped by and explained that everything was sorted out and my curry should be out shortly. A few more minutes passed and a different server brought me fish and chips. Apparently, "curried chicken" is Irish for fish and chips.

The third time was the charm and the food was quite tasty. I'd only just finished when daedala arrived. She ordered a pot roast sandwich and, in a remarkable departure from previous events, was brought just that. I was kind of hoping that she'd get fish and chips.

About the time her meal was winding down the band arrived, bristling with instruments. Kurt and Ann were both dressed up from some previous engagement they had attended. By the time they started, Scott Keever stopped in. (He had a burger which was also delivered without delay. The code for Irish food still eludes me.) The bar had filled up by this point and was quite loud. It was a jovial crowd, though and many folks appeared to be having a great time. There was dancing and one of the dancers turned out to be a fellow I knew from being a regular out at Sherlock's Home when it was open. Small world.

After a while, galacticvoyeur dropped by. He only had a Harp, so no new data from the food code was gathered. Things wound along to satisfactory conclusion. I gave daedala a ride back to my place as she wanted to see erickavan and the kitten. She slept well in our guest room, I fed her eggs and sausage and she is now chatting happily with E in the living room.
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