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Hey, pegkerr... - Peter Hentges

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April 27th, 2006

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10:06 am - Hey, pegkerr...
... and the other women I know:

WOMAN Challenge
Women and girls On the Move Across the Nation

Sign up at http://womenshealth.gov/whw/women

Receive a free pedometer and a tracking log to record your physical activity (while supplies last)[they are out of pedometers for Minnesota, apparently]

Choose 1 of 6 virtual routes across the United States to track your progress during the Challenge -- explore the country without leaving your hometown!

Participate as an individual or form a team of two to ten people

Select a physical activity goal that fits your lifestyle

Receive motivational emails, useful health information, and regular progress reports when you record your activity on the interactive website

I figured that since pegkerr did the Eowyn Challenge and walked from The Shire to Mordor and back again, that this would be a breeze!

I'm tempted to join up myself. Maybe we can start an LJ team! Walks around the lakes!

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Date:April 27th, 2006 06:20 pm (UTC)
Which brings up an interesting question - can you use the same footsteps for multiple virtual walking challenges? If Peg has already walked from the Shire to Mordor and back, hasn't she ALSO walked halfway across the US? Or at the very least from Edina to St. Paul and back? (I must confess that I have no idea how big Middle Earth was supposed to be).
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Date:April 28th, 2006 01:55 pm (UTC)

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