Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

The excess of youth, the mileage

For several years, when people have expressed shock that I am as young as I am, I've been telling them, "It's not the age, it's the mileage." It wasn't until re-watching Raiders of the Lost Ark last year that I'd realized I'd stolen the line from Indiana Jones.

Yesterday was an exercise in demonstrating that notion.

Friday, I had a whole bunch of good things happen. My tax return arrived. (Electronically filed and direct-deposited, whee!) I refinanced my house, going from a 9% adjustable rate on a 30-year note to a 7.25% fixed rate on a 20-year note and saving myself about $30/month in the process. A conversation fraught with potential peril happened without ill feelings on either side.

So I went out to celebrate. A favorite local band, The Tim Malloys, were playing at Kieran's, a downtown Irish pub. They played two rip-roaring, excellent sets and one not-so-bad set. Several pints of Guinness and rounds for the band later, I found my way home. I threw up from drinking for the first time in more years that I remember and hit the sack heavily.

Yesterday was spent largely in recovery. I felt pretty OK in the morning. I was still able to get out to a local gaming con for a few hours but developed a headache and felt woozy most of the day. I took off early, had some soup and crackers for dinner and fell asleep in front of the Tivo.

Today, I'm back in the pink and raring to get back to some good gaming at the con. It will be some time before I feel the need to be that silly again.
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