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Finished Jonathon Carroll's Sleeping in Flame yesterday. Took me a while to read it after purchashing it from Amazon because I basically wasn't doing any reading. No time. Then it took me a while to get into the book. I was expecting a fantasy book and this was some modern novel of relationships among people that didn't seem particularly interesting.

I read on, however, because many of my friends like this guy. Soon, I started liking our hero. He had a blind cat and knew all kinds of interesting details about Vienna that made me feel like I was visiting the city. One mundane thing led to another, a love blossomed under dire circumstances. Then, with a swift certainty, fantasy entered. Taking center stage, I saw now where bits of it slipped into the edges of the "reality" I'd been reading about before.

In the same, matter-of-fact style, the fantasy was presented as just something happening in the story. The characters changed, but not at their core. Still the same people I'd grown to like. Still doing mostly what they'd been doing before. Now, however, there was a supernatural threat on top of everything. Another stress to deal with in their already busy lives.

Before I was really aware, the fantasy was spinning along full tilt and I was engrossed. Probably everyone's read this guy but me. I'll be looking for more and I recommend Sleeping in Flame.

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