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It takes all kinds

I got on my bus to home today at the Metrodome. The bus was, as usual, sparsely populated as there aren't many people going from downtown to the U of MN at that time of day.

Sitting just opposite the rear door was about the oddest person I've ever seen on a bus. The person wore enough clothing that it was not easy to determine gender, but I got the general impression of masculinity. His clothing included a navy blue t-shirt draped over his head as if to protect it from the sun. Heavy-duty hearing protectors (like those worn by guys at the airport) held the t-shirt to his head. Atop this, he had a camouflage hat of the sort I think of as a fishing hat (round, floppy brim). He wore dark sunglasses and a kind of make-shift mask over his face like one might see in an area struck with the bird flu. He had a jacket on and wore heavy leather gloves. I couldn't see his pants but his shoes seemed to be fairly standard tennis shoes.

As if this wasn't odd enough he had, in the window seat next to him, a trash can. One of those big plastic cans with a handle and wheels on one side for easy transport. It was piled high with a variety of objects that defied direct identification. They just looked like trash. He also had a plastic bucket on the floor just out of the aisle that also had indescribable junk in it.

He rode the bus through the U and got off at the stop by the athletic complex, hauling his can and bucket of trash with him. I wonder now, where he went and what he did when he got there.
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