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I was out and about on Sunday and thought I should take my camera with me. Of course, by the time I left the house, it was safely stashed someplace I couldn't forget it and therefore did.

By way of redeeming the idea, though, I struck upon a cool idea. Since I work downtown and have ample time for wandering about during my lunch, I could easily take my camera to work and photograph things as they strike my fancy. Then, posting them here with the associated story and I'll have something to write about that is probably a touch more interesting than the day-to-day details of my job.

So I took the camera to work today and had a particularly long lunch due to some meeting schedule wackiness. This allowed me to wander leisurely and photograph some interesting (well, to me anyway) things. I figure I'll start posting these shots next week, allowing me to build up a backlog of a few days at least.

Stay tuned!
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