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Commute in day 2

Took about 20 minutes today despite cooler temps and lack of a headwind. Still an average speed of a very respectable 15 mph. Got asked for directions by a passing motorist and got stopped at the light on Cleveland. That likely made up the difference though I noticed I had to go into a lower gear on the last hill up to Snelling. Probably taking it a bit easier as I knew I had plent of time tonight.

Still no weiner dogs. Maybe they are an aquatic lifeform....

Watched most of Yellow Submarine this evening. Very good music, of course, but I liked a lot of the animation as well. I'm having trouble recalling the particular songs that went with what. I think it was Lucy in the Sky that had interesting bits of animation that looked taken from live action. The colors swirled around dancers showing the energy of their movements and the mood of the music. Very cool.

The Twins beat Oakland yesterday, surviving a disappointing start by their pitcher. The relievers, again, did a great job picking things up and shutting down the As in later innings. I've got tonight's game on the Tivo for tomorrow but know they are going up against a tough left-handed pitcher. From what I saw yesterday, however, both the As pitcher and Rick Reed for the Twins are coming off of rough starts. Should be a good game.

Need to sit down with Ericka and talk about whether I'm going to Winnipeg or my annual gaming camp out this year. Want to go to Winnipeg but Ericka might be more comfortable with me gone not so far away and for fewer days. Will decide tomorrow before dinner with Karen to talk about stuff re: Winnipeg. I figure the info will be good to have whether I go this year or not and it will be fun to have dinner with Karen either way.

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