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Happy birthday to me

On this day in 1967, also a Monday, as the celebration of my mother's birthday wound down she went into labor and gave birth to me.

Looking over Wikipedia's entries for today and 1967, I see that I was born into tumultuous times. I was blissfully unaware of them, of course.

One of my first memories is watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. I remember Walter Conkrite and the grainy video of the first steps on the Moon. I sat close to our big console TV; it looked so big, what was happening on that flickering screen.

I have no particular plans for the day. In another hour or so I'll begin getting ready for work. erickavan has made sure that there is cake and ice cream, even while battling her lingering illness.

A Week in Hawaii--The Atmosphere Collection--Midnight Rainshower
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