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Fun and a good thing!

Went downtown to the fundraiser for Space Camp, which pegkerr's daughter is attending this year, and had a great time. Caught all of Machinery Hill's set, had a few pints of Guinness and some brief bits of conversation with Peg between numbers. Peg was kind enough to share a bit of her bread pudding (yummy!) and to give me a ride home. (Given my recent difficulties with busses, the latter was most appreciated.)

It takes, IIRC, $1300 to send a kid to Space Camp. I'm extremely jealous of Peg's daughter being able to go, but I'm assuaging that feeling by contributing what I can to help send her. I encourage you to do likewise, even if you don't know Peg or her daughter Delia.

I had a dream earlier this evening that Peg was showing me some of the checks that people had sent in. One was for $700, another for $300, and there were many for smaller amounts. Every little bit helps to send an adorable little girl to Space Camp, how cool is that?

The Road Goes On Forever--Robert Earl Keen--The Party Never Ends

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