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iTunes oracle

The dog woke me up to be let out, so I might as well do a meme. I've always had the suspicion that my car radio was my own personal oracle so this one appeals. The procedure: Put your music player on shuffle and use the songs played as the answer to the following questions:

01. How does the world see me? Stoppin The Love--KT Tunstall (What?)
02. Will I have a happy life? The Milkman of Human Kindness--Billy Bragg (Well, that sounds positive.)
03. What do my friends really think of me? Paddy Murphy--Tramps & Hawkers (Oh, thanks a lot, you guys.)
04. Do people secretly lust after me? False Alarm--KT Tunstall (I'll take that as a "no.")
05. How can I make myself happy? The Innsmouth Look--The Darkest of Hillside Thickets (OK, that's just disturbing.)
06. What should I do with my life? It Won't Be Tonight--Saw Doctors (I should procrastinate?)
07. Will I ever have children? Miner's Song--Woody Guthrie (Dig my life away? Another "no," methinks.)
08. What is some good advice for me? She Moves in Secret Ways--Polly Paulusma (I think this oracle is keeping something from me....)
09. How will I be remembered? Dose of Thunder--The Replacements ("Only want a little, you need a ton." Sounds positive enough.)

I think I woke the oracle up a little early.

Where I'm Bound--Paxton, Tom--Live From Mountain Stage
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