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Day 1 Commute In

I started out early today, not having a good idea of how long the trip in would take. Temp in the mid 80s, dew point in the 60s. It seemed positively pleasant as I left the garage, at least in comparison to earlier in the day. The ride of about 5 miles took me about 15 minutes, translating to an average of about 20 mph. (No traffic to speak of and I made the one light at Cleveland.)

I'm a bit sweaty, as is to be expected from the heat, but don't feel worn out. Legs are a bit rubbery, but I imagine that will become less of an issue with time. The workout seems to have woken me up as I was drowsy before work. We'll see how the night goes as it looks to be a fairly slow work night.

Overall, I'll call it a success, even with no weiner dogs.

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