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Return to power

The big snow that hit Minnesota this morning didn't look like it would be this big last night. A light coating stuck to the ground and sidewalks but not the streets as I went to bed. I woke up a bit later, coughing up a hunk of dead bacteria and mucus, to discover that things were starting in earnest and that the streets were now covered well.

At 5:30 or so, we were awakened by the incessant beeping of the UPS on Ericka's computer. The power was out. This meant that none of Ericka's medical equipment was working. It was called in and we were told power would be back on by 7:30 or 8:00.

The light was eerie as the orangish glow from distant street lights reflected through the dense snowfall. As the sun rose and the street lights went out, the light turned bluish and then grey. The distant hum of snow blowers rumbled through the neighborhood.

At 1:30 p.m. the power finally came back on. We learned that many schools were closed, others started late and there were several accidents involving buses. I'd called my work and told them I needed to stay home. In between there, I'd fired up our generator so that we could power Ericka's CPAP and she would at least be able to nap and keep breathing. The house dipped to about 68 degrees and I'd just started baking a pizza for lunch.

We're now all safe and warm, with cats cuddled about and Brandy lounging nearby.

The Plouescat Races--Gaelic Storm--Tree
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