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Rested and hopefully better

Spent most of today asleep. Was sweating out the bugs in my body for part of that sleep. Tonight, I'm feeling better. Some of this is due to the nice hot shower and the use of the neti pot, both good for opening and clearing the nasal passages. I've also resorted to modern chemistry in the form of Afrin in order to have sleep without nasal blockage through the night. I've started having a few coughs today, but nothing too nasty sounding so I hope the bug hasn't migrated. If I'm still feeling OK in the morning, I'll go in for at least part of the day of work.

Nothing accomplished today, of course. That would get in the way of the sleeping. Ericka is continuing to get better and is very happy to be home. The pets and I are very glad she's here.

Fisherman's Song--Gallowglass--All Our Best
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