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Geared up

Went shopping at REI today and now have everything (well almost) I need for bike commuting. The one minor thing missing is a rain layer. I now have spiffy cycling shoes. My beat-up old tennis shoes just weren't going to cut it and biking in my Doc Martens just doesn't strike me as the best solution, particularly in warm weather. Picked up some additional jerseys (One of which features the Ben & Jerry's logo and cows. Had to have that.) and on additional pair of bike shorts. The last item was a rack trunk, a small bag that will attach to my rack and let me carry a few things (like my iPod, lunch, the rain gear).

While at REI today, Ericka got two pairs of shoes for her aquatic aerobics. The extra support should help prevent shin splints her therapist was worried about. Very nice sales lady helped her out while I glommed my bike stuff. She also got a spiffy hat and couldn't resist the metallic purple whistle on the way out.

So Monday is the day for the first commute. I'm planning on getting in early so that I'll have plenty of time for the ride and also will have a chance to figure out how exactly it go. Will I need more time? More water? Cool down time upon arrival?

After putting $20 worth of gas in the van (and not even filling it up!), I'm quite excited about not driving to work and back. After doing this for a week, I'll call my insurance company and let them know I'm not driving the car to work anymore (at least during the non-Winter months)and hopefully will get a discount from that as well.

Next on the agenda, Winnipeg and the folk festival. Need to grill my friends for info and make definite plans. Laurel helped today by pointing me to the Baggiecon mailing list so I hope to get hooked up there as well as by sitting down with folks here in town between now and then.

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