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Ericka update

Went in to work for a few hours this morning for a meeting with an outside vendor last week. Meeting went well and then came home, ate and slept as I didn't have much of either last night. Got a little work done and went out to see Ericka.

She's doing much better, but one would expect that on the massive amounts of medication they are having her take. She normally takes 13 mg of prednisone a day. Wednesday, she had 120 mg. Thursday they're taking her down to 80 mg. She is getting nebulizer treatments for albuterol and another drug (a method of making drugs inhaled as a cool mist) every three to six hours where she'll normally do that at home once or maybe twice a day.

I was just telling minnehaha K in reply to a comment earlier that this level of medication would normally have her dancing a jig in the street while baking cookies for all those nice kids as the U. All 40,000 of them. That it has her resting comfortably, quite talkative, and only a little out of breath on trips to the bathroom is indicative of how poorly she's been breathing.

So she'll be there for a few days at least and we've come up with some objective measures of when she'll be able to come home. She's arguing for more liberal guidelines, which is a good sign, but has agreed that they are pretty good as is.

I'll be at work a full day tomorrow but plan on going out to visit her tomorrow night and will update again.

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