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It's like a real life

Last night I bopped over to the home of some friends for a little party. It was primarily to celebrate the visit of our friend (who posts to jtidballdotcom) and his wife as they visited showing off their new offspring. There were some birthdays to celebrate, too, and it was great to see the friends that I've lost touch with over the years of working nights. I'm really looking forward to keeping in better touch.

This morning I ran Domino over for another round of vaccinations. She's got one more in three weeks and then will only need annual boosters. The vet folks were impressed that her fur was growing back from her spaying so quickly. Her scar is barely noticeable now.

erickavan has a nasty-sounding bronchial infection and so is resting a lot while the back-up anti-biotics do their work. This makes the house relatively quiet, apart from the occasional bursts of galloping cats.

You Don't Know Me--Ray Charles & Diana Krall--Genius Loves Company
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