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I had a good day at work today. The early part of the day was spent with finishing up the last of the HR forms that I need to complete this week and zipping over to the government center to get things taken care of for my bus pass. I returned to find information about my second free lunch in as many days in my email.

Seems the Outreach department of the health plan schedules luncheon lectures every other month or so. They talk about some aspect of the business and serve food. Today was Greek. The topic of the talk was cultural competency. Since much of the community we serve is low-income, it makes sense that we interact with a number of the immigrant communities as well. What I took from the talk was that an additional thing we have to think about in developing web applications is the cultural expectations of our users. So that got me thinking about ways to be as inclusive as possible and that led me to web standards.

Since I've been out of the field for over four years, a lot as changed in the realm of web standards. I learned about AJAX today and about progressive enhancement vs. graceful degradation. It felt good to get my feet wet in this stuff again and to be able to articulate some of the principles in relation to the department's existing web sites and plans for fresh ones.

Makes me want to go to work again in the morning.

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