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Day Two

After the late-night shenanigans waiting for the minnehaha grandbaby to be born, I got a few hours of sleep before heading in to work this morning at what will be my "regular" time. First thing today was a meeting for all the IT staff which was basically the heads of various departments giving status reports. It finished right about on time so I took that as a good sign.

Next I met with my HR contact and got some of the forms filled out and handed in. Learned that the funeral leave benefit is available for me right away, so that's cool. Also confirmed the timing on the whole bus pass issue. April is the earliest I can get the all-you-can-ride pass, the 31-day pass I could get on the 24th of March (so that would be silly) and the discounted stored-value cards I can get on March 10. So have 11 days of rides to take care of on my own. I plan on going to the commuter store tomorrow and having my picture taken to get the all-you-can-ride pass process started and to pick up some stored value cards for the rest of my trips until the 10th.

After that, all the new people and our managers went to lunch. We walked over to the little sports bar just south of the Metrodome. The food was passable though I wouldn't call what I was served a Philly cheese-steak sandwich. Got a chance to talk to some other people so it was a productive lunch if nothing else.

In the afternoon, I divided my time between filling out more forms, reading up on HIPPA requirements and browsing some of the company's web sites. Sadly, the sites are in some desperate need of fixing up. They have invalid HTML, complicated JavaScripts and no real understanding of information architecture. My job will be to write up the requirements to fix them. I met a woman who's started the requirements gathering process for one of the sites so she and I have planned to get together down the road to get that one started.

Home now and about ready for a nap, if not full-on sleep. I should grab something to eat first, though.

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