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Sad news

Got a call from my mom a little earlier this evening letting me know that my paternal grandmother, the last of my grandparents, had died. I'd learned when visiting my folks in January that she was not doing well. She was deep in dementia, thinking my father was his brother Jim for example (a mistake one might forgive since she did have 14 children), and with a form of cancer that was destroying her red blood cells. The only thing keeping her alive was frequent transfusions. My dad's siblings got together and decided that her quality of life didn't really justify the continuous transfusions, particularly in light of others that could use the blood and live far more productive lives, and so ordered them stopped.

The funeral is Saturday. I'll talk to what the HR person at orientation called "my new best friend," the payroll contact for my department tomorrow and see if the county's very nice funeral leave benefit is available to me or not. (The county offers up to three days of paid leave based on the closeness of the relative and the distance to travel to the funeral.) Either way, I'll head up to the funeral on Friday and return Saturday night.

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