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First day

The first order of business this morning was to go through new employee orientation. This involved sitting through a variety of people with varied speaking skills describe the various benefits available to county employees. Is it just me, or does it seem like a job requirement for HR people that they have a desperate need for other people to like them? None of them were awful and they mostly didn't read their PowerPoint slides, which was a blessing. And some folks there appeared to have never worked for a real company before and so didn't know about wonderful things like pre-tax healthcare accounts and long-term disability. So a lot of it was review for me, but one of things you must suffer through as a county employee.

After orientation, I hopped on the train and zipped the one stop back to the Metrodome and walked over to my office. My titular boss was in a meeting so the woman who appears to be office mom for the group took me around, showed me where the conference rooms were, introduced me to a few people, gave me some important hand-outs and like that.

Next I met with the guy that I will be taking day-to-day instruction from. He seems pretty laid-back and professes to be more interested in results than process, so that sounds like a good fit for me. Turns out, what I'll be doing is a lot more describing what we're doing and/or want to do with our web sites than managing the process of making things happen. So I am, I guess, more of a business analyst than a project manager, but it all sounds fun and like something I'd be quite good at.

Busing home went easily and only took about a half hour. I need to figure out how many trips I'll be taking before I can get a subsidized pass from work and then how I'll be passing along the fares between now and then. So far, this seems like it'll work fine.
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